The Weekend Wrap

by Chris Bodenner

Richard Florida mined more material on hipsters, highlighted maps of our personality traits, revealed Google's secret to quitting, viewed the patterns of pop piracy, illustrated a huge hurdle to cutting carbon, asked what to do about empty car lots, pointed to the feeding frenzy in real estate, supplemented Posner's take on bubbles, talked about city-haters, honored Canadian vets, discussed - with a reader - the identity crisis facing working-class men, and expanded upon his Atlantic piece.

Lane Wallace added to her series on travel risk, featured two stories of American vets, noted a cyclist's quest to conquer LA traffic, pondered over - with a reader - the future of work, and saluted the sanctity of silence.

Richard Posner expanded upon his view of inflation, critiqued the latest legislation on credit cards, and replied to an email from a Dish reader - Alan Greenspan.

Finally, along with Patrick, I want to extend a hearty thanks to everyone who helped us hold down the fort this week. It's impossible to replace Andrew's insight and personality on this blog, but we hope we served up a good balance of wonkery and revelry to reflect his style and keep you up to date. (Also, I'm proud to report our window book is close to completion, so be on the lookout.) Till next time!