The Potentiality Of Full Personhood

E.D. Kain has a long wandering post on abortion, war, capital punishment, and euthanasia. The whole post is a great bloggy provocation. His take on abortion:

I find that my most difficult personal struggle is with abortion, for reasons not exactly linked to the act itself.  Whether or not a woman should have the right to choose to bring a pregnancy to term is almost beside the point in the end - a woman doesn’t need to have that right.  She can make that decision whether or not the right is given to her.  She has that capacity.  And so, when imagining a future abortion black market and the inherent dangers such a market would introduce to mothers and fetuses alike, I find myself worrying.  I worry that it might make matters worse.  The life of the mother is sacred, too, and in a black market the most desperate mothers - and especially the poor and the young mothers - would be at a much higher risk then they are now.  This hardly seems just.