The Pandora Of Magazines?

Farhad Manjoo wonders whether personalized magazines will ever take off. He reviews the new personalized magazine from Time Inc:

Mine isn't an echo chamber that merely reflects my narrow views. Instead, reading it is a bit listening to Pandora, the online service that serves up songs based on my musical preferences. Like Pandoraand like the best magazine editorsMine exposed me to stuff that I liked but probably wouldn't have sought out on my own. I don't have much of a patio, but I still found Mine's tips for organizing my outdoor furniture pretty handy. (The article first appeared in Real Simple.) Similarly, even though I'd never heard of Tony Mandarich, I couldn't put down the Sports Illustrated story chronicling the former NFL tackle's effort to atone for his steroids-laden past.

Sure, I could have found many of these articles online; in fact, reading Mine often feels like reading a great link blog. But Mine is more fun to read than whatever's on my computer screenit's more portable, more aesthetically appealing, and easier to curl up with. So far, no digital technology can replicate the pleasure of a full-color glossy magazine.