The Missing Photographs

Matthew Schmitz shares:

Of the hundreds of photos from Abu Ghraib obtained by the Washington Post,  only a representative handful was ever released. When a reporter on the original Abu Ghraib story visited my journalism class at Princeton, he showed us some of the pictures that were never released to the public. Among many sickening sights, I was struck by a  folder that contained pictures of the head from a decapitated cat. The head that had been stuck on a soda bottle and given a cigarette. as if it were the effigy of a disposable, death-dealing culture. Now  more than ever, that image symbolizes  to me a nation gone mad.

Where are those unreleased photos? Why wasn't everything made available to the public? There are some more due out at the end of this month but, from my understanding, they will show nearly identical abuse in prisons far away from Abu Ghraib, further proving that Abu Ghraib was active Bush-Cheney policy. Has the WaPo prevented this information from coming out? (Schmitz's ruminations on how BDSM porn paved the way for Abu Ghraib seems silly to me, I might add, but the revelation of MSM withholding information that might embarrass the government is disturbing, if not surprising.)