The Atlantic Wins The Webby!

The just won the Webby for best magazine. We won the judge's first place and the People's  Choice. The Dish lost out to the Economist on the political blog front, but we're not greedy, and congrats to Logo_webbyawards_md them. It's been a journey and a half. For the last three years, James Bennet and David Bradley built a team to create a website almost from scratch using the blogosphere as an inspiration and then building out and up. We're not even close to hitting our stride but it's been a really rewarding and creative time for me and Patrick and Chris and we're proud to be a part of it all.

Congrats to Marc and Megan and Corby for their politics and business and food sections, to our designer, Jason, to our new editorial boss, Bob, and to Ta-Nehisi, Jim, Jeffrey and Clive, for their voices and input. And thanks to you, for all the rest.