The Dems Embrace Nuclear?

InsideEPA has the scoop. Bradford Plumer reacts:

[W]hen McCain tacked on nuclear subsidies to his own cap-and-trade bill back in 2005, he ended up losing four votes from liberal Senate Democrats. So it always seemed like there was a trade-off on this issueadd incentives for nuclear power to woo Republicans, and you lose votes on the left. But if [EPA senior counsel David] McIntosh is correct, it sounds like liberal Dems would rather cave on nuclear than see the whole bill go down in defeat this time around.

Thank God. I'm hoping for some technological breakthrough but, barring that, any plan for reducing carbon emissions without nuclear power is posturing. It's like the Glenn Reynolds position that you can cut pork to fiscal balance. It's pandering and preening and politics - not serious climate change policy.