The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we took another long look at accusations that the British tortured prisoners during World War II. But the big story of the day was Souter's retirement, if anything David Souter does can be regarded as news, and a delayed flare-up from the Matthew Shepard case, which we covered here and here. Republicans have already launched a campaign against Specter, just as Independents are on the rise. On torture today, Krauthammer wrote a chilling column, which Greenwald and Froomkin tackled with ease. Horton took on Condi and Henry Farell piled on Crook. Ta-Nehisi just shook his head at Byron York.

Our Cheney in the Movies contest concluded here and here. We also watched rabbits swarm Manhattan and superheroes save Cincinnati. In home news, the Dish is on a roll.