The Daily Wrap

We had a very full Dish today; Condi backpedaled, Gonzales confounded, Palin supporters sniped, gut-wrenching news of gay violence surfaced in Iraq, another torture report inched toward the surface, Abu Ghraib photos still went missing, rumor-mongering on Sotomayor gripped the Beltway, the Dems seemed to surrender on nuclear power, and the president continued to disappoint on gay rights. But despite his dithering, my marriage became legit in DC and the fate of gay Mainers advanced one step closer to equality.

We also ruminated over how the Coulters have ruined conservatism and how the torture program has weakened a long tradition of American fortitude. Thanks to the YouTubes, we became obsessed with Keyboard Cat, witnessed the sexual power of subwoofers, and saw Susan Boyle sing at 22.

In home news, today was a huge day for The Atlantic; we won both the Webby Award and the People's Voice Award for best magazine. (And that's before Harry Shearer and 11 other correspondents started blogging for us today.) Finally, don't forget to vote for the front cover (and back cover) of the Window View book.