The Daily Wrap

Today was another big day for marriage; the honorable people of Maine brought the country one state closer to full equality, while Marion Barry threatened a "civil war" in the District and Heather Mac Donald argued that gay husbands will cause black dads to flee.

In other news, the incoming stress tests caused rumblings, the CBO emitted a warming study, the Patriot Act locked up a teen, Schwarzenegger said we should talk pot, Palin played coy on the Correspondents dinner, and Limbaugh laughed happier than a pig in mud. As Steyn trembled before the Muslim horde, Chait refused to cave to the true terrorist threat. We tackled the missing torture tapes here and the photos here. Also, we learned about "budtending." Dish readers continued to press me on my Buddhism post, and I fully expect neocons to pounce on this post and this post.

In home news, Corby added a Beard Award to our Webbys. (This guy will never win a beard award, while this one might.)  I also gussied up for Sarah and let the beagle out of the bag.