The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we learned that Libi - the tortured detainee whose false confessions helped sell the Iraq War - was just found dead in a Libyan cell from an apparent "suicide." John Yoo, was just given a newspaper column. And Obama covered for the Cheney torture program by threatening the British judicial system. In the MSM, one of the few people speaking the truth on torture was Jesse Ventura. Digby despaired.

We also learned that the Obama administration has failed to educate the public on its main energy plank, that Wisconsin is becoming a surveillance state, and that Limbaugh is the racist we all thought he was. Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Ledeen made the case that Saberi was ransomed, Totten reported from Baghdad, Joe Klein and Andrew Exum added their thoughts on the McChrystal move, Kmiec revealed the disregard Bush had for HIV discrimination, and Conor and I shared our political pipe dreams.

Also, we unveiled another six photos within our Window View book. I spent part of the day on the phone and on emails trying to find out if and when the Obama administration will do anything to advance gay equality. The results tomorrow. But it isn't looking good.