The Daily Wrap

The Dish took two big whacks on Obama today. The president so far has seemed indifferent to gay equality and defensive against Cheney by caving on the torture photos and covering up the crimes against Binyam Mohamed - much to the delight of neocons everywhere.

In better news, Ali Soufan testified before Congress on torture and Zelikow announced that his suppressed memo has surfaced. Also, New York appeared on the cusp of marriage equality.

Bloggers A.L. and Taibbi showed the incoherence of the Rove defense on torture. Reporter Ignatius, on the other hand, merely kept score. We also saw a major shift in the healthcare debate while cap and trade and hate crime laws percolated on the Hill. Dish readers challenged me on criticizing Obama, lauding nuclear power, and not wearing bike helmets.

Oh, and Aaron and I were caught on camera. He's the good looking one.