The Daily Wrap

The Dish got a lot of great feedback from readers today. On my willingness to give Obama the benefit of the doubt over torture photos, one reader backed me up, another totally disagreed, another insisted we protest regardless, and another parsed his intentions even further. On hate crimes, a reader argued for the necessity of federal reach. On bike helmets, a reader recalled a brutal experience.

In the news, even more evidence emerged today pointing to a direct connection between the torture program and the casus belli in Iraq. And despite the reluctance of the White House, there appeared to be an emerging consensus for a Truth Commission. On the marriage front, the outlook was good in New Hampshire but questionable in New York.

Among the bloggers, Megan and Posner suggested that green shoots may not mean much in the long run. Matt Steinglass made the case for the carbon tax and C&T. Dan Savage thwacked Obama over gay rights. We also did a reax on both McChrystal and Obama's photo reversal.

Between the debates, we looked at boobs and pondered happiness. Yes, they may be connected.