The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we delved into the dark and disturbing past surrounding McChrystal - Obama's man in Afghanistan - just as civilian casualties have spiked in that country. Jon Stewart, for his part, delved into the insanity of DADT, while Shep continued to be the lone journalist among his colleagues on torture.

In other news, Obama's drug czar won't go to war, Amazon went into publishing, and Gonzales spouted cant over the rule of law.  Chris Orr and Michael Moynihan chronicled the cannibalizing of a Cornerite. Frum, Phil Levy, and Jonathan Adler wrestled over carbon.

Dish readers provided some insight on pot farming and a view from Pakistan. On the YouTubes, Bambi pretended to be Ricky Gervais and a Bulgarian in drag danced for us.

Also, my interview with the Pet Shop Boys is up. And expect some fireworks on the Chris Matthews show Sunday.