The Daily Wrap

by Chris Bodenner

Andrew is taking a break this week, but the Dish and its three guest-bloggers continue to the churn out content. Today we covered the Indian elections, the furor over Pelosi, the new polling on abortion, marriage equality in Washington, and Dowd's plagiarism. Patrick got his arms around the carbon debate and I broached the battle over Gitmo transfers. We also solicited topics of discussion from readers, and we began by airing mental health. On the lighter side, we met a slingshot phenom, decifered corporate logos, and saw little difference between Star Wars and Star Trek.

Richard Florida highlighed where college grads are headed, pointed to a feature on the future of work, provided a map of the top sports towns, showed the economic benefits of marriage equality, spotlighted new stats on GOP decline, found a paradox in female happiness, and introduced his series on why class still matters. (A few readers dissented along the way.)

Richard Posner argued that the US economy is an depression, not a recession, and that the federal government is mostly to blame, not the banks. Posner also countered the common stereotype that bankers are "stupid, greedy, and reckless."

Lane Wilson explored, in two parts, the biases and myths surrounding the photography of the American West. She also took a look at the best places to get laid off.