The Daily Wrap

by Chris Bodenner

Today on the Dish, Richard Florida examined the latest rankings of financial centers, discussed the relationship creative people have to living abroad, pointed to a map of where stimulus money is going, showed how the US housing bubble is mild compared to European countries, revealed how the recession has hit the professionals, scrutinized the housing market in Pheonix, featured the booming success of P.F. Chang's, and highlighted data comparing the effects of the creative class and the working class on national wealth.

Lane Wallace defended the liberal arts (seconded by a reader) and tackled a Brooks column that touched on the subject. Richard Posner examined how the Federal Reserve erred in lowering interests rates during the housing bubble. He expanded upon that argument in a second post. And a reader responded to one of his earlier posts. The Dish also heard from our readers on prisons, libraries, and more on mental health.