The Daily Wrap

Today the Dish was all over the Sotomayor selection. She seems very Obama-esque,  the pick was cunning, but her views on executive power are a bit of a mystery. Nate Silver predicted her confirmation, Orin Kerr compared her to Alito, and John Yoo had the uncrushed balls to question her legal acumen. Would she really be the first Hispanic justice?

The Dish also covered the other legal news of the day - California upholding both Prop 8 and its 18,000 gay marriages. Personally, I thought it was the right call. John Culhane translated the court ruling and an legal reader judged it a key step towards equality. Mercifully, the country barely averted a civil war.

We also took a look around the ruins of conservatism; Linker parsed the intellectual right; Conor dismembered Mark Levin; Dreher and DeBoer exposed the faux populism of Robert Stacy McCain; and I continued to dissect Cheney's speech last week.

To cleanse your mental palette, check out this incredible critter and go make some music.