The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we amassed a ton of commentary on Sotomayor.  Tancredo, Limbaugh, Beck, and Gingrich called her a racist, while Ponnuru opted for Harriet Miers.  Hilzoy sighed, then  scrutinized Sotomayor's record, while others tried to divine her abortion views. Hewitt showed her some surprising props while Goldfarb had his predictable cow. Mankiw made the strangest point yet. Noah Millman lined up several questions while Reihan pressed her stance on executive power. National Journal dug into the claim that she would be the first Hispanic justice. And Jeff Rosen called a truce.

In other news, GOP lawyer Ted Olson joined the new federal suit to strike down Prop 8 and Dale Carpenter drilled into the decision from yesterday. Stephen Walt told us to chill on North Korea while Fred Kaplan turned to China's role. A reader showed us the value of talk radio. And, with the help of an interrogator, I took a long look at how Obama has ended the torture and tyranny wrought by Cheney.

Because it's the Dish, we also checked out some wicked unicorn tats, an ode to chest hair, and the soporific value of pot.