The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we tackled Sotomayor's controversial words while getting a glimpse of her casework and courtroom action. Hilzoy and Larison tackled Ricci, Sargent speculated liberals will press her on Roe,  Drum spelled out Obama's selection strategy, Republicans scrutinized her favorite foods, Quin Hillyer is up for a Hewitt, a reader defended Newt, and Geraldo beamed with ethnic pride and patriotism.

Obama appeared to mock the gays, but upon closer look probably not. Gay rights groups were not happy with the Olson suit, and I argued that, despite the California decision this week, the Prop 8 saga has been a net gain for marriage equality. Also, some adorable women sang a song mocking bigotry.

On foreign policy, Goldblog and I delved into the behind-the-scenes Biblical rhetoric of the Israeli standoff with Iran. The Telegraph claimed that the torture photos show rape. Totten took stock of the situation in Iraq and Massie nailed down the symbolic importance of closing Gitmo for good.

We also found a great blog for film buffs, a shirtless shot of Levi, and the perfect mental health break.