Sullivan Bait

by Chris Bodenner

Thrice-married Sam Schulman has a sprawling essay in the Weekly Standard entitled "The Worst Thing About Gay Marriage" (the lack of kinship, apparently). Isaac Chotiner pretty much lets the awful piece speak for itself:

The sense that Schulman has never met a gay person gets stronger by the paragraph, before culminating with this gem:

Gay marriage may reside outside the kinship system, but it has all the wedding-planning, nest-building fun of marriage but none of its rules or obligations (except the duties that all lovers have toward one another). Gay spouses have none of our guilt about sex-before-marriage. They have no tedious obligations towards in-laws, need never worry about Oedipus or Electra, won't have to face a menacing set of brothers or aunts should they betray their spouse. But without these obligations--why marry? Gay marriage is as good as no marriage at all.

He even cites Oakeshott to make his case. Brace yourself.