Speaker To Resign

by Chris Bodenner

No, not ours - Britain's. Labour MP Michael Martin, mired in a financial scandal, will be the first Commons Speaker forced from office in 300 years. Erick Erickson adds context:

For some time Mr. Martin has been under fire for questionable personal behavior. Historically, the British Speaker must remain above reproach and not be accused of partisan operations. In fact, the British take the role so seriously, they typically give the position to a member of the party opposite, no one runs against that person, and the Speaker is squired away in a palace away from the temptation to play partisan favorites.

But when [former Speaker] Betty Boothroy retired, Labor put up a hard charging partisan in Michael Martin. He never really abandoned the partisan hackery. ... In the latest lapse, the ethically compromised Martin did not keep the reins tightly pulled and allowed members of the House of Commons to pull a fast one on the British public by abusing expense accounts.

The Telegraph runs a reax of other MPs.