Sniping At Phelps?

A reader writes:

K-Lo frames her entire column around the idea of protecting young people in the public square from personal attacks, something few people would disagree with. But then she casually drops this line:

"Mercifully, [Prejean] seems to have faith, but when you’re dating Michael Phelps on again and off again, you probably don’t have the best support system walking into a vicious national debate."

Does K-Lo know something about their two-week relationship that we don't?

My guess is no. The only discernible reason to invoke Phelps is to remind us that he - gasp! - smoked pot. (In fact, wouldn't Phelps, someone also pilloried for a scandalous photo, be just the kind of person to offer "the best support system" to Prejean right now?)  Thus, in the eyes of K-Lo -- the aspiring Mom-In-Chief to all those poor, defenseless Christian girls out there -- Phelps is nothing but an inconsiderate stoner. "No offense," she should have said.