Safe Havens, Ctd

A reader writes:

Sure, there are people who get away with smoking pot. But given that the possible legal consequences - exile, imprisonment, and job loss - are pretty much the most serious imaginable, it seems that anybody who feels 100% safe is just fooling themselves. I bet you could get just emails from people who regularly drive drunk and have had nothing happen to them.

I'm not comparing smoking with friends to driving drunk, just pointing out that it is human nature to want to minimize the feeling of risk associated with common activities. Smoking pot is normal, so it should be legally safe? I agree. Smoking is normal, so it is legally safe? Sounds like a sampling error to me.

I am a cannabis exile. I hardly ever smoke, but when I applied for a fiance visa for the woman who's now my wife, she was foolishly honest during her doctor's appointment. She got classed as an "addict" and I have never been able to bring my family to the US, despite applying for a visa 5 more times.