Panda Junkies

by Chris Bodenner


In the wake of news that Mei, the National Zoo's female panda, is not pregnant after all, FishBowlDC's Matt Dornic points to a series of condolences posted by superfans:

"To sweet, beautiful Mei: I'm so sorry that you didn't have another cubbie. I don't know what you're feeling or what you've been going through but we love you Precious Mei."

"I so wanted her to be a mother again - FOR HER SAKE, NOT MINE - so that she could express her natural, wonderful mothering instincts she showed with Tai, so she could cuddle a little cubbie in her arms and express her emotions of caring, warmth and love."

"Tai sorry you won't be getting a baby bruder or sister dis year. Boy you sure are one miracle widdle baby cubbie growed up to be almost four years old."

"Fanks fow bwekfass, Auntie Teweetza (whymes wif Peetza)! Happy Wenzday, UB and Tai, and all his aunties!"

(Photo by Flickr user hammy15)