Palin-Clinton Alliance?

by Chris Bodenner

Andrew's worst nightmare, I know. But despite the tantalizing Politico headline, there is not much to the story other than Coale proposing that his new friend, Sarah, help pay the debt of his old friend, Hillary, in an attempt to garner cred with women and Independents. But no one bit, least of all Palin. The whole episode just shows how politically tone deaf Coale was - and, of course, how the Palin-Susteren-Coale alliance is even more evident. Allahpundit elaborates:

Believe it or not, the most important part of this story isn’t the Hillary scoop but the stuff near the end about how desperately Sarahcuda needs help managing her new national profile. This is what I meant the other day when I said it bodes ill that so many party insiders seem to have given up on her; some of you sneered at me for that but it helps to have practiced hands on your team who know how to deal with this sort of thing. What happened to Fred Barnes and Bill Kristol and all the other GOP bigwigs whom she charmed before she was named VP? No help for Sarah from Alaska now when she needs it?