Not So Goode

Reason contributor Glenn Garvin reviews the new cartoon series from Mike Judge:

Life's not easy if you're an organic-eating, tree-hugging, SUV-eschewing, carbon-footprintless, gender-identity-indifferent, diversity-celebrating, nonjudgmental (well, except for those damn U.S. flag pins) vegan pacifist. ... Welcome to The Goode Family, a scathingly funny report from the front lines of America's culture wars. [It] will do for PC what 30 Rock does for corporate capitalism or Lost for commercial air travel: Leave it in ruins. Though it will no doubt be labeled right-wing agitprop by some of its trashed targets, The Goode Family is not really conservative, but something closer to the barbed libertarianism of South Park.

Except South Park is actually funny; Chris and Patrick caught the first episode and said it was painfully trite. Gabe of "Gabe and Max" agrees:

Lord knows there is plenty of hay to be made with the left. The best intentions often sound silly and naive when explained or embraced by someone who doesn't really understand what they're talking about. And we've all made fun of the dude in the peasant blouse playing with devil sticks to an Enya soundtrack on the south quad. ... But these jokes fall flat. For one, they're totally dated. People recycle now, Mike Judge. People also drive hybrid cars. Neither of those things are inherently silly or make a good wink-wink nudge-nudge punchline.
Two minutes worth of jokes about political correctness AND a Diddy joke thrown in as a bonus? Was this show written in a cave? In 1992? (UPDATE: was this show ripped off in a cave? In 2005?)
In short: bad.