Lyndon Obama?

Peter Feaver on Obama's military race against time:

Some of the same groups that wanted to end rather than win the war in Iraq are now starting to lobby to end rather than win the war in Afghanistan. In so doing, they are increasingly seeing Obama as the problem not the solution, and they are willing to work against him on these issues. That is an indication that Obama, to his great credit, seems to be making war decisions on Afghanistan and Iraq based primarily on his team's assessment of the facts on the ground, rather than on what will serve partisan political interests.
But it does complicate the job of building and preserving public support to continue the war -- a job that is inescapably political. Obama has the rhetorical gifts and political strength to build that political support, but it will require expending time and political capital on that effort. And, if my read of the chattering class' mood is correct, it will also require that he swim against the currents in his own party.