Letting The Terrorists Terrorize Us

by Chris Bodenner

Crowley picks apart FBI chief Mueller's "lame riff" against bringing detainees to the US:

If you're worried about radicalization of others, take extra care to limit the unsupervised contact these prisoners have with fellow inmates. Financing? Does a terror cell you really need--or even want--a guy in prison to handle that? And the "potential for attacks," it seems to me, is already there. We've been worrying about that for about 8 1/2 years now. Are we more likely to be attacked because some Gitmo guys are in a Colorado Supermax? Invading Iraq and torturing people wasn't reason enough?

The civilians of Iraq and Afghanistan have endured eight years of collateral damage yet our political establishment says we can't handle the collateral fear of a few dozen men in shackles.