Kansas Stories

A collection of reminiscences by some of the women who went to the Tiller clinic in Kansas. among them:

"Their assessment of the heart defect went from bad to worse: they diagnosed hypoplastic left ventricle (underdevelopment of the left side of the heart) repairable only with a complete heart transplant and/or three open heart surgical procedures. "However, not one doctor would promise us that if we opted not to have surgery and let nature take its course, that our wishes would be abided by. This was disturbing to us. Nor did they tell us that Down syndrome babies don’t get heart transplants. "Our hearts ache with sadness and no words can describe how much we miss him and how deeply we love him. He will always be close to our hearts, mind, body and soul. And if it was not for the Kansas doctor, giving us a little help, we are not sure what we would be writing … Death and life are the same mysteries."