How Obama Wins

Sanity from Frum:

A large part of the secret of President Obama’s political success is his self-presentation as calm, judicious, and fair-minded – and his ability to depict his opponents as intemperate and extreme. You’d think by now that Obama’s opponents would have figured out this trick. You want to beat him? Great. Be more calm, more judicious, and more fair-minded. Don’t be provoked. Don’t throw wild allegations. Don’t boycott. Don’t lose your temper.

Instead, we get Anger Theater. It’s not smart. And it’s not working.

By the way, I caught David and Reihan on Maher last night (delayed, I know). Reihan was awesome; and David very shrewd on climate change and the drawbacks of cap-and-trade. If David and Reihan were the face of the GOP, it would have far fewer problems. But even they couldn't quite disown Christianist cant as forcefully as the Republicans need to.

(hat tip: Cole)