How Deep Is The Dem Bench?

E.D. Kain opines:

To me, Pelosi’s denial (and accusation against the CIA) lays bare a deeper truth about the Democrats.  Without Obama they’d be nearly as big a mess as the Republicans.  Most of them are complicit in the Bush torture program and the wars.  The party is almost headless without Obama - led by the fickle and hardly inspiring Reid/Pelosi duo.  After Obama, if conservatives learn anything over the next eight years - yes, I’m predicting it will be eight - unless the Democrats get some sort of order and discipline and more importantly, some grander vision, then I think the GOP should have no trouble at all coming in and cleaning up.

He's got a point. Reid and Pelosi really do make me want to change channels whenever they appear on TV. But eight years is a long time; and talent can rise in Washington and state capitals from time to time.