How Bad Was Gitmo?

Jeff Tietz posts part two of teenage detainee and Canadian citizen Omar Khadr's story (read it all):

While he was at Guantanamo, Omar Khadr was beaten to the head, nearly suffocated, threatened with having his clothes taken indefinitely, and lunged at by attack dogs while wearing a bag over his head. “Your life is in my hands,” an intelligence officer told him during an interrogation in the spring of 2003.

During the questioning, Omar gave an answer the interrogator did not like. The man spat in Khadr’s face and threatened to send him to Israel, Egypt, Jordan or Syriaplaces where they tortured people the old-fashioned way: very slowly, analytically removing body parts. The Egyptians, the interrogator told Omar, would hand him to Askri raqm tisaSoldier Number Nine. Soldier Number Nine, the interrogator explained, was a guard who specialized in raping prisoners.