Greta Handling Todd

The increasingly surreal nexus between Greta van Susteren, her Hillarybot super-lawyer husband, the Super Adventure Club, the Palins and, er, journalism, just got weirder:

POLITICO started to chat with Alaska's "first dude" when Van Susteren intervened. The host of On The Record told us this brunch was "off the record" - no talking with the husband of former Republican vice presidential nominee, Gov. Sarah Palin. Asked why, Van Susteren told us - as we held pen, pad, recorder and camera in hand - well, you know, at these things you can't always figure out who's on the record or off the record when you chit chat. And, she added, with all the background noise Palin could easily be misquoted.

Over to Greta in that prose we have become used to:

And let me get this straight, I am the only one in the media who brought a guest? Ah….I think not….in fact, EVERYONE in the media brought a guest to the weekend’s social events….so I guess EVERYONE in the media is now a handler? or just those who brought guests and tried to show good manners at a social event? As for CNN’s comment, huh? Are they kidding? Maybe their anchors should have looked to see who the Washington CNN Bureau was bringing before they comment about Fox (which of course continues to get millions more viewers each night than CNN….even MS/NBC is beating CNN now…and remember, CNN started this with their sarcasm on air…)

Jesus, Greta. Have a cocktail.