Do The Photos Show Rape?, Ctd

A reader writes:

A while back I emailed:

I have no doubt that Obama and most in his administration are thoroughly appalled at the images, but they can see nothing other than trouble if they are released now. In fact, these photos must be so horrific, given the context of who we know authorized the acts depicted therein, that releasing them now would risk unleashing multiple hydra out of this pandora's box.

And now Horton confirms it. And Cheney, Bush and The Torture Boys are rushing as fast as they can to erect a wall between them and the Abu Ghraib photos, though ultimately it too shall crumble. In the meantime, these photos will find a weak point in the media dam and burst forth, to the embarrassment and dismay of the non-disclosure brigade. If I were to wager a guess, I'd say they will come out on the eve of Obama's speech in Egypt. How's that for a backdrop, eh?

Gibbs' knock on British newspapers was full of stereotyping and generalizations. He gave himself enough wiggle room. They're all trying to hold off the flood until after the Egypt speech and subsequent positive developments in the Middle East give Obama enough chips that he can cash some of them in to wash off the disgrace. And notice Whitman's denial quote in the Horton article:

“None of the photos in question depict the images that are described in that article.”

Any denial full of "nones", "nots" and "thats" needs to be consumed with adequate amounts of salt. And it sounds like another famous denial:

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

It would be karmic justice indeed if the reputations of Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld are shredded beyond repair once the sexual content of the Abu Ghraib photos finally causes the chain-of-command communications out into the light of day and truth. As with all our past and famous miscreants, you're ultimately undone by sex or taxes.