Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Please don't tell me you're that vain!  Wear a helmet. Seriously. Anything is better than nothing.

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist in an outpatient clinic and treat people who sustain head injuries.  I've had a good number of patients who were in a semi-serious accident on a bike, without a helmet, and got their clock cleaned, so to speak.  Several of them were in the hospital for a short time, some were treated in the ER and sent home. A common result among the majority of them is slowed mental processing. 

They just aren't as quick anymore.  One guy described it as constantly living in the fog of weed without the euphoria.  They can figure things out, solve problems, make plans, follow through on those plans, and adapt when plans go awry; it just takes them a much longer than before.  Many of them hold down jobs in the same field as before, but in a somewhat reduced capacity.  One guy is an engineer but can't handle his previous work load in the center of the company's projects.  So he transfered to a smaller department in a part of the building that isn't as distracting.

Look, I ride bikes myself.  I too am bald.  I can tell you there's plenty of wind in a nice helmet.  Don't jeapordize your livelihood by a refusal to be safe.  How could you possibly keep writing 900+ posts a day after even a slight bobble of your noodle?

Cap that thing.  Enough said.