Dissent Of The Day II

A reader writes:

How could you possibly rent a tux?!  The shitty tuxes they rent can be bought for $300 and then you'll be secure in the knowledge that some high school kid didn't puke in it the night before.  Good God man, go to Brooks Brothers, spend $800 and buy a bloody tuxedo.  Help the economy. Even bears must have self-respect about formal wear.

When I got there and they showed me the prices, I rented with an option to buy, and I'll buy. It was only $400, which pays for itself after a few occasions. I even got a dress shirt so my neck won't look like some aging muffin top jock on ESPN. I have an 18.5 inch neck: ten years of testosterone therapy and the gym, I guess. Aaron even bought me some black shoes - which means I may retire the Chris Matthews show boots. Anything for my Sarah ...