Carrie And Bristol, Ctd

A reader writes:

I really appreciate the way that you point out how unjust it is that Carrie Prejean has to go through all of this solely because she espoused an opinion that the mainstream elite disagree with.

You should ask your readers this; if she had gone the other way, and said that she supports Gay Marriage, can anyone imagine that all of this dirt would be coming out about her? Would the National Organization for Marriage be digging up her parents divorce records, or lying about her appearing topless (those aren't topless photos) like NBC did? What does that say about the decency of each "side"?

I say this as someone who supports same-sex marriage, although through legislative action, not judicial. Which is noteworthy only because I'm a graduate of Liberty University (yes, Falwell's school - I was young) and am otherwise a social conservative. At Liberty, I would estimate that close to a third of the students support same-sex marriage, believe it or not. However, it absolutely kills me to see the way that Carrie Prejean is being treated because of her beliefs. If things were reversed, and Conservatives were sliming a beauty queen because she supported same-sex marriage, I would speak out against them.