What Higher Taxes?, Ctd.

A reader writes:

Anyone with half a brain knows that ridiculous levels of taxation will be required for at least a couple of generations because of the spending splurge Obama has promised.  The idea that we can sustain the deficits Obama is talking about (notwithstanding his rosy scenarios) is absurd.  The idea that we can fund the proposed government spending solely on the backs of those who make more than $250,000 is absurd as well.

What higher taxes?

Taxes to pay for a disastrous healthcare system like the UK’s.  The cap-and-trade tax which every consumer of energy will bear.  Higher state taxes to pay for all the state programs that may initially be funded by the federal government as part of the “stimulus” legislation but which will remain long after the economic downturn and federal funding ends.  Higher state and local taxes to fund the longer school day and school year Obama proposes.  Higher state and local taxes to provide universal pre-school and universal higher education.  Higher taxes as far as the eye can see.

The problem, Andrew, is that you’re looking backwards to find fault with George W. Bush and those attending the tea-parties are looking at what is in the works for the future.  I think those attending the tea-parties have the correct focus.