What David Boren Saw

It's hard to think of a more establishment figure - particularly close to the Bush family, for example. He is also well-versed in intelligence and policy. He was chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee from 1987 to 1993. And when he was sent to be briefed at Langley in February on the torture program set up by Dick Cheney, he said that:

[A]ttending the briefings was "one of the most deeply disturbing experiences I have had" and that "I wanted to take a bath when I heard it. I was ashamed of it." He said he concluded that "fear was used to justify the use of techniques that violate our values and weaken our intelligence" and that the agency did not prove those methods "are particularly effective at getting the truth."

Is this debate still going to be refracted through the prism of right and left in the lazy MSM? Or are they even capable of telling right from wrong?