Tom Lee sighs:

It’s been horrifying to watch Twitter evolve into a medium used for important (if not serious) communication. First and foremost, I am appalled by our legislators’ embrace of a time-suck communication medium that is necessarily superficial, and (more perniciously) one that is so convincingly fake-democratic while actually just facilitating communication with rich, Apple-computer-owning white people like myself.

Suderman is also appalled. Drum asks: Twitter a bubble?  For those of you who think bubbles are easy to spot while they're happening, you need to answer Right Now.  And show your work, please.  In a couple of years we'll find out which of you was right.

Henry Blodget is on the record saying that Twitter will be worth more than a billion eventually. My sense is that it jumped the shark the minute John McCain started tweeting about beavers. Or, if not then, whenever it became possible to measure your "Twitter e-penis." I'm generally an early adopter of new technologies. But this one: not so much.