They Only Lied About Torturing, Honest

Mark Shea, a conservative Catholic blogger who never faltered in opposing illegal torture, voices his disgust with torture boosters on the right:

...never underestimate the power of rationalization. So those who are (finally) admitting that Bush/Cheney lied through their teeth when they said "we do not torture" seem to have no problem granting total and complete credulity to everything else they say. "It yielded great intelligence!" "They had it coming!" "War means moral carte blanche for whatever we feel we have to do." All these and many other dubious assertions and outright lies continue to circulate on the Rubber Hose Right and will do so--because Obama has no intention of doing anything about it.

That's not because Obama is a great big huggy bear who just wants to forgive and forget. It's because George Dubya Bush handed all future executives some really nifty power...