The Weekend Wrap

While you were having a life, the Dish's coverage of the torture issue did not relent over the weekend. We learned Cheney lied again, Bybee conveyed some regret, the King of Jordan called torture torture (as have Reagan and the Church), and the NYT still cannot do so. And while David Broder has, doing anything about it would be partisan "vengeance." We also discovered that our brains produce pot and that Miss California was sent to us from the future. Frum warned Obama not to be "overzealous" on torture, a legend of the bloggy right has had enough of the teabag crowd, Dreher sneered glibly, and the New Yorker and Slate discussed the drug of the millennial generation. Finally, after a frantic week of blogging, I took a step back and addressed the torture scandal from a little distance, if distance is possible in bloggery.