The Right To Have Everyone Agree With You

A.L. fisks Maggie Gallagher:

...the notion that differences of opinion between the Catholic church and U.S. law will somehow render Catholic judicial nominees unconfirmable is demonstrably ludicrous. In addition to opposing gay marriage, the Catholic church also opposes divorce, birth control, abortion, and any number of other things that are permitted by U.S. law. Indeed, the Supreme Court has recognized a constitutional right to many of these activities. And yet, somehow, even after those decisions, we've gone from having one Catholic Supreme Court justice in the 1980s to having five Catholic justices on the current Court.

What Gallagher is really worried about is that she will soon find herself in a world where her particular brand of close-mindedness is viewed by most as bigotry and people who believe what she believes won't be politically mainstream enough to be nominated and confirmed as judges. But that's a ridiculous thing to whine about because it pre-supposes that you've already utterly lost the public opinion battle. And if you believe something that the vast majority of people don't believe, you don't have a right to have everyone else agree with you. If you're right, try to convince people that you're right and stop whining about how you will be marginalized in the future when everyone disagrees with you. That's just pathetic.