The GOP Supports Rationing?

Ezra Klein looks closer at that GOP budget and how they make the red line go down:

Currently, Medicare's costs rise as the demand, and price, of care rises. No rationing. Under Ryan's proposal, its costs will rise by whatever the federal government says its costs will rise by. The question will simply be how quickly the subsidy grows. And if subsidy growth slows, we'll have...Rationing! It will take the form of individuals being unable to pay for treatments rather than the government making people wait for treatments, but it'll largely be the same thing. And it's nearly the exact same mechanism.

But rationing is the only way to bring down healthcare costs. And, frankly, I prefer market rationing to government rationing. It's more efficient, less ridden with political corruption and would allow for more innovation at the top end. Yes, healthcare inequality would continue. But I'm not a believer that inequality is the worst of all social outcomes.