The Goal Of The Gay Rights Movement ...

... should be to cease to exist. I'd like to second everything in Jamie Kirchick's piece in the WaPo yesterday, not least because I've written a few versions of it in the past myself. There is something worrying about gay groups that continue to exist even after their raison d'etre has evaporated. Their longevity suggests a deep liberal fallacy: that they exist not to correct formal inequality but to wage a constant campaign of victimhood.

You see this in the Human Rights Campaign, a group that just bought and built a huge building in downtown Washington, as if it planned to be around for ever. Sometimes, I wonder if they actually delay laws being passed - or invent irrelevancies like their darling federal hate crimes law - so they can keep their jobs and stay in existence and throw pop concerts and sell candles and get invited to White House cocktails.

In my view, once the government treats gay citizens the same as everyone else, we should close down the movement and get on with our lives. Full marriage rights, the right to serve the country, police forces that take crimes against gays seriously (not the hate crimes canard), the same employment protections as others and, er, that's about it.

Wouldn't it be great not to have a gay rights movement? Maybe before I kick the bucket, I can do my best to bury it.