The Friday Wrap

For those catching up, Friday on the Dish we discovered that torture photos are forthcoming, Bush interrogators used religion as a weapon, and the US once executed soldiers for committing the same crimes advanced by Cheney. The media elite will not rock the boat, lest they implicate their pals in government or disrupt their false "balance" on the torture issue. Among the apologists of the day, Rove tweeted his dark thoughts, Goldfarb prepared his stand-up routine, James Taranto jumped the Orwellian shark, and Cliff May shocked even me (though I did eat crow for Ed Whelan). Among the helpful punditry, DailyKos made a torture timeline, Maggie made a measured stand against her colleagues, Ta-Nehisi tackled Peggy, and A.L. showed the apologist bar to be impossibly high. In marriage news, Connecticut continued the march towards equality. We also aired the confessions of pot addicts, the premonitory powers of the Ghostbusters, and sneeze porn.