The Daily Wrap

Today, on the torture front, we learned: Tenet was unfathomably dumb, Cheney and Co. crafted the techniques before the memos, Pelosi played a role along the way, the military wanted nothing to do with it, Thiessen erred about the LA Tower, and the connection between al Qaeda and Saddam really was tortured. In the punditsphere, Philip Zelikow and Hilzoy each made the case while Lowry took comfort in the memos, Gerson wasn't there, Ignatius claimed that Obama has spooked the spooks, and a GOP strategist claimed the power of clairvoyance at Gitmo. Also, a musician showed us the bittersweet melody of waterboarding as the state of Maine offered more hope for marriage equality (with the help of a stunning new ad out of Iowa). Finally, a long, hard look at Cheney conservatism.