The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we learned that Bybee, despite his plea of innocence, privately acknowledged the horror of his handiwork. Also, Spain's top investigator has prepared to move on Cheney et al.  Among the torture talk, Cliff May got the Daily Show treatment, Kristol called Bill Clinton to the stand, Clive Crook fell into false equivalence, and Chris Orr highlighted yet another danger posed by torture.  In other pundit talk, apparently libertarians are really imperialists, the opinion of blacks is incidental, and Hannity, apparently, never heard of the sex tape.  We also learned that the swine flu is nothing new while marriage equality in New Hampshire is about to be.  In home news, the Dish is up for a Webby, and you can vote here. In White House news, Leonhardt scored an interview with Obama on his hundredth day, Ta-Nehisi and I discussed the first family.

Oh, and Palin lied again.