Tea-Baggers In West Virginia

Here's the local paper's summary of the cause:

Joseph, a regular Republican candidate for the House of Delegates, rattled off a list of taxes Americans pay. State income tax. "No more!" chanted hundreds of protesters from a crowd of umbrellas and American flags. Sales tax:  "No more!" Gasoline tax: "No more!"

So a protest against government debt actually proposes abolition of several major revenue streams ... and no spending cuts. If you want to know what's wrong with the right, you'd be hard put to express it more acutely. Then there's the agenda in the crowd:

Ralliers held signs saying, "Mr. President, Stop Stealing from My Piggy Bank" and "Revolution is Brewing." Other signs said "Imagine No Liberals," "Obama: One Big Awful Mistake America," "We are a Christian Nation," and "Read 'Atlas Shrugged.'" One man held a flag picturing an assault rifle that said "Come and Take it." 

The rally ended with a prayer where the Rev. Brandon Hudson asked God to help West Virginia add a marriage amendment to its state constitution.