Talking Past Each Other

Dreher responds to my post:

The only thing worth saying here, I suppose, is the reiteration of something I've said a thousand times in my exchanges with Andrew. I am a Christian who was once of the Roman Catholic Church, and am now of the Orthodox Church. Andrew calls himself a Catholic, but his individual conscience is his guide. I believe in a different source of moral authority. To Andrew (and Damon), this looks like "fundamentalism" and a belief in the "inerrancy" of Scripture (which isn't true, but to modernists, who believe that religion and tradition offer no authoritative grounds for moral decision-making (except when they advance liberal goals), my views appear to be unreason itself. But as MacIntyre has shown, the Enlightenment project has failed: they cannot establish from reason any compelling case for why their view should be privileged. To me, it looks like dangerous unreason: a radical willingness to tear down ancient structures (because if you can radically redefine marriage based on human desire, nothing is solid -- which is why I said earlier if you accept gay marriage, you should be prepared to apologize to the Lost Children of Rockland County, as there will be no firm grounds on which to tell them that their mutually consenting relationships were wrong).

Oy. He continues after the jump:

The question is: does gay marriage serve to incorporate same-sex couples into the moral order, or does it, in ways that may not be easily apparent, radically undermine the foundation of our moral order? I keep saying that gay marriage is only the logical extension of a change that overtook our society after the Second World War, specifically in the Sixties, led by heterosexuals. The next logical step is legalized polygamy, or a more generalized and bourgeoisified version of whatever you call the anarchy they have in the inner city. But the social radicalizers would never admit this, and may not see it themselves. Then again, if you had said back in the Sixties and Seventies that abandoning traditional standards of marriage and sexual relations would lead to gay marriage, few people would have believed you. Ideas have consequences, as traditionalists know.