Protesting Ahmadinejad

Some graphic video from Geneva, as the Iranian president continues his denunciation of Israel's existence. The usual boilerplate:

"As was the case after World War II, armies occupied other territories and people were transferred from territories. In reality, under the pretext of compensating for the evil done in the name of xenophobia, they in fact set up the most violent xenophobes, in Palestine... The Security Council made it possible for that illegitimate government to be set up. For 60 years, this government was supported by the world. Many Western countries say they are fighting racism; but in fact support it with occupation, bombings and crimes such as those committed in Gaza. These countries support the criminals."

Perhaps, depressingly, the news was not the protest:

Calls from the balcony were heard throughout the speech. Still, the majority of the delegates greeted the Iranian president with a round of applause.